Complaints and Advices

The Croatian Direct Selling Association (the CDSA) operates a Complaint Handling Service. Practices of direct selling companies and direct selling respresentatives should be performed in line with the Code of Ethics of the CDSA.

Member Companies are also obliged to obey the rules of the WFDSA Code of Ethics which is hereby attached:

There are two different set of rules which Member Companies and Direct Sellers comply with. These two set of rules are explained briefly below and their key features are pointed out. 

Consumer Code of Practice 

Check whether the order form and literature, shown to you by a direct seller, carries the CDSA logo. This indicates that the company is a CDSA member and should promote the highest standards of consumer protection in direct sales. 

Code of Business Conduct 

All independent Direct Sellers of Member Companies are protected by The CDSA Code which covers the fair and honest promotion of independent business opportunities in Direct Selling.

Complaints Handling Service allows consumers, direct selling companies and direct sellers to resolve potential issues in fast, efficient and peaceful (out-of-court) manner.

Complaints Handling Service allows consumers, direct selling companies and direct sellers to resolve potential issues in fast, efficient and peaceful (out-of-court) manner.

Terms and conditions for submitting and resolving of complaints

You can use the complaints handling service if the following three requirements are all satisfied: 

  1. Your complaint relates to your dealing as a consumer or a direct seller in Croatia. 
  2. Your complaint is against: 

    (i) a member company of the CDSA, or 

   (ii) a direct seller of a member company of the CDSA. 

  1. You have already drawn your complaint to the attention of the company and failed to receive a response with which you are satisfied. 

How can I submit a complaint to the DSA Complaint Service? 

You must set out your complaint in writing. Please indicate: 

(i) subject of your complaint; 

(ii) the identities of the parties involved; 

(iii) the date of the transaction or events in question and any other relevant dates; 

(iv) what response you have received from the CDSA member company; 

(v) the current status of the complaint; 

(vi) how you would like to see the complaint resolved or remedied. 

Please also include copies of any relevant documents, including any receipt, order form or invoice. You are advised to keep copies of your complaint and of all documents submitted. 

How much will it cost? 

Nothing. The Complaint Service is free to the consumer / complainant. 

Privacy. Information provided by you in submitting your complaint will be used by the CDSA only in connection with the handling of your complaint and will be communicated by the CDSA only to the CDSA member against whom you have made the complaint and to any other parties to the complaint. The CDSA member will be expected to handle such information with care and to communicate it within the company and to relevant direct seller(s) but only to the extent that is necessary in order to resolve and/or respond to the complaint. 

European Code Administrator

The European Codes of Conduct has established a European Code Administrator as an additional possibility of resolving of complaints.

The European Code Administrator is a body dealing with consumers’ and distributors’ complaints at last resort. It is composed of three members: one from the industry (Seldia), one from a consumers’ association and one is an independent lawyer.


Want to file a complaint?

If you purchased a product from a direct seller and you have a complaint against him/her or against a direct selling company, we recommend you to download and complete the online complaint available at 

and send it back by:

  • Email at 
  • Post at European Code Administrator c/o Seldia Av de Tervueren 14 1040 Brussels Belgium
  • Fax : +32 (0)2736 34 97

For more information, please visit: