Start your own business

Direct selling appeals to a wide range of people due to its flexibility. The ability to be a successful direct seller is not limited to just one type of person. 

Identify a Company or a Product that Appeals

Considering to start with direct selling activities?

Here are some tips and tricks which you might find useful. The first step is to identify an organisation and product range that appeals to you.

There’s no right or wrong answer, as the right choice is different for every new salesperson.

A product or service that has been used in the past is often a good starting place. 

When considering which organisation to choose, it is important to remember that members of the DSA account for much of the Croatian direct selling industry and they are committed to ethical business practices and consumer protection.

View a list of our members and the opportunities they can offer you.

Do you require professional legal, administrative or tax advice to support you in your activities? Please contact us and we shall provide you with a list of independent professionals able to provide professional support.


View a list of our members and the opportunities they can offer you.


Earning Opportunities 

Direct selling means you control your own destiny:

You are your own boss.

You may have your own business.

You can work independently or with your team.

You determine your own working hours.

You can work from home.

You determine your lifestyle balance.

You have a means to earn money no matter what the economic climate.

Here are some information you might find interesting:

Start-up investment? 

The start-up costs in legitimate direct selling organisations are usually low and are related to the cost of a sales demonstration kit. Organisations want to make it easy and inexpensive for new salespeople. Beware of any organisation that has a high start up cost, as it may be a scam, such as a pyramid scheme, and not a legitimate direct selling opportunity at all. 

Return of unsold goods? 

A legitimate direct selling company will have reasonable provisions for the return of unsold inventory. In fact, a condition of DSA Membership is that members have a buy back policy. This means if salespersons leave the business, the member will buy back unsold marketable products.

Think carefully about opportunities that require the purchase of large amounts of unreturnable inventory as a condition of joining. This is often referred to as front end loading. Reputable direct selling organisation’s have no such requirements. 

Are the company’s products sold to consumers? 

Earnings from sales, not recruitment, are essential for a legitimate business. Direct selling, like other retail channels, depends on selling products to consumers, which requires quality products at competitive prices. Be careful of any business that claims you can “get rich” by solely using their products or by recruiting new people into the business. 

What training does the company offer? 

A quality direct selling organisation will invest in training its salespersons and will assist you to get started. 

What is the compensation or reward structure? 

It is vital to obtain all the facts about bonuses, profits, commissions and responsibilities and be sure that you understand them fully. 

Ignore promises of extraordinarily high or guaranteed profits. It’s easy to be swayed by promises of a high income, especially if it’s said to be guaranteed or easy. Scam artists try to take advantage of human vulnerabilities, which is often very easy if someone is in a situation where they need cash fast. It’s important to remember that, as in any business model, earning substantial sums of money requires time and attention to building a business. 

In direct selling, the amount of time required will vary. It will be based on your goals and the amount of time you are prepared to spend on your direct selling activities. It may take a relatively short amount of time to begin earning supplemental income, but if your goal is to rely solely on direct selling, be aware it may take a little more time before you can quit your day job. 


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