Croatian Direct Selling Association (CDSA) is a national trade association of the leading companies which produce and distribute goods and services directly to customers.

Goals of the Croatian Direct Selling Association are:

  • Raising awareness and recognition of direct selling as an important and recognized method of product distribution in all forms of organization in the Republic of Croatia. 
  • Preparation of favourable commercial and legal surrounding for the functioning of the direct selling associations, taking into consideration benefits and needs of the consumers. 
  • Support and assistance to the members of the Association in their business activities. 

Members of the Croatian Association of Direct Sales

How to Obtain Information About Corporate Membership

If you are interested in direct selling membership in the Croatian Direct Selling Association, please contact us by e-mail  and we shall provide you with the request for information required to determine whether your firm qualifies for membership.

DSA is a corporate membership organization. Companies join DSA and corporate executives (employees) enjoy the benefits of membership. Individual direct sellers (independent contractors variously referred to as consultants, representatives, distributors, etc.) are not eligible for membership, but those affiliated with member companies enjoy the protection of DSA’s Code of Ethics

If your company appears to qualify for membership we will send you the appropriate membership information. We will also add you to our mailing list to receive periodic information on CDSA programs and activities. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or assistance.

Benefits of Joining the Croatian Direct Selling Association

  • We offer assistance to Members in their daily business activity like: 

    • Resolving of submitted complaints
    • Promoting and leveraging DSA branding 
    • Providing information and assistance on administrative aspects of direct selling and related requirements for direct selling companies
    • Helping new players to come to Croatian market 
    • Regular updates on regulatory and other industry changes 
    • Relationship building and networking events, newsletter and website resources
    • Maintaining awareness of issues potentially affecting Member interests
    • Maintaining dialogue with key policy makers and media
    • Compiling credible industry data 
    • Formulating and creating awareness of our policies 
    • Lobbying stakeholders 
    • Leveraging international activities and monitoring international developments affecting direct selling 
    • Contributing to relevant WFDSA and SELDIA activities 
    • Participating in industry PR activity